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Welcome to Congo! 🎉

A powerful, lightweight theme for Hugo built with Tailwind CSS.

This is a demo site built entirely using Congo. It also contains a complete set of theme documentation. Congo is flexible and is great for both static page-based content (like this demo) or a traditional blog with a feed of recent posts.

This is a demo of the page layout.

Explore the sample pages to get a feel for what Congo can do. If you like what you see, check out the project on Github or read the Installation guide to get started.



··1 min
Congo has built-in support for a number of FontAwesome 6 icons.


·3 mins

This article offers a sample of basic Markdown formatting that can be used in Congo, also it shows how some basic HTML elements are decorated.

Rich Content

·1 min
This is an example of a rich content summary.

Placeholder Text

··2 mins

Lorem est tota propiore conpellat pectoribus de pectora summo.

Mathematical notation

·1 min

KaTeX can be used to render mathematical notation within articles.