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Front Matter

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In addition to the default Hugo front matter parameters, Congo adds a number of additional options to customise the presentation of individual articles. All the available theme front matter parameters are listed below.

Front matter parameter default values are inherited from the theme’s base configuration, so you only need to specify these parameters in your front matter when you want to override the default.

titleNot setThe name of the article.
descriptionNot setThe text description for the article. It is used in the HTML metadata.
externalUrlNot setIf this article is published on a third-party website, the URL to this article. Providing a URL will prevent a content page being generated and any references to this article will link directly to the third-party website.
editURLarticle.editURLWhen showEdit is active, the URL for the edit link.
editAppendPatharticle.editAppendPathWhen showEdit is active, whether or not the path to the current article should be appended to the URL set at editURL.
groupByYearlist.groupByYearWhether or not articles are grouped by year on list pages.
menuNot setWhen a value is provided, a link to this article will appear in the named menus. Valid values are main or footer.
robotsNot setString that indicates how robots should handle this article. If set, it will be output in the page head. Refer to Google’s docs for valid values.
sharingLinksarticle.sharingLinksWhich sharing links to display at the end of this article. When not provided, or set to false no links will be displayed.
showAuthorarticle.showAuthorWhether or not the author box is displayed in the article footer.
showDatearticle.showDateWhether or not the article date is displayed. The date is set using the date parameter.
showDateUpdatedarticle.showDateUpdatedWhether or not the date the article was updated is displayed. The date is set using the lastmod parameter.
showEditarticle.showEditWhether or not the link to edit the article content should be displayed.
showHeadingAnchorsarticle.showHeadingAnchorsWhether or not heading anchor links are displayed alongside headings within this article.
showPaginationarticle.showPaginationWhether or not the next/previous article links are displayed in the article footer.
invertPaginationarticle.invertPaginationWhether or not to flip the direction of the next/previous article links.
showReadingTimearticle.showReadingTimeWhether or not the article reading time is displayed.
showTaxonomiesarticle.showTaxonomiesWhether or not the taxonomies that relate to this article are displayed.
showTableOfContentsarticle.showTableOfContentsWhether or not the table of contents is displayed on this article.
showWordCountarticle.showWordCountWhether or not the article word count is displayed.
showSummarylist.showSummaryWhether or not the article summary should be displayed on list pages.
summaryAuto generated using summaryLength (see site configuration)When showSummary is enabled, this is the Markdown string to be used as the summary for this article.
xmltrue unless excluded by sitemap.excludedKindsWhether or not this article is included in the generated /sitemap.xml file.